About 10711

History of the Sacred Heart Council

In 1989, Leo Rodriguez, District Deputy of this region, and a member of the 1740 Rene Barrientos Assembly, asked a few Catholic men at Sacred Heart Church if they would be interested in starting a Knights of Columbus council in the Church. Interest picked up and a council was started. There were 43 members who signed the charter on September 15, 1991.

The chronological year order of Grand Knights who have served the Sacred Heart Council 10711 are as follows:

1991-1992        Ramon Hernandez

1992-1994        Rogelio Salinas

1994-1999        Leo Lugo

1999-2001        Cesar Briseño, Jr.

2001-2002        Frank Castro

2002-2004        Jose Lopez

2004-2006        Frank Castro

2006-2010        Alberto Ramon

2010-2013        Jose Becerra

2013-2016        Dr. Carlos Hernandez

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